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Pretty Mustangs
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Pretty Mustangs



Robert Bushby´s first prototype, wich today is flown by Chris Tieman, owner of the Mustang Aeronautics


Beside the great Second World War fighter, the North American P-51 D  "Mustang"


 Ike Bartlett´s Mustang II visiting 1999 AirVenture  - This canadian guy started his around the world flight in Australia


Phill Funk´s Mustang II, on the Sport Aviation Magazine cover, that has won the 1999 Oshkosh  best homebuilt award.


Mustang II of Don Morris, that in the 2002 Sun 100 Race averaged 226 mph. It has 200 hp Lycoming engine.


M II of Rick Henry - it has a 160 hp Lycoming, removed of his Piper Twin Comanche , destroyed by a windstorm.


 Larry Kinder´s Mustang II - 1981 Oshkosh Grand Champion.


Paul Cox, flying his beautiful airplane, wich was completed in 1986


A Mustang II trigear version , that corresponds of 30% sold plans / kits