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Import and Costs
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Importation and Costs

    The commercial transaction started in the middle november of 1999, always being made contacts by fax or e-mail . Because of our little buiding experience (until that, we used to construct only buildings), we had opted to order the "full quick build" kit, or complete kit, wich supposed airframe build time by the manufacturer would be about 1300 hs. First of all, it had arrived the 79 construction plans and the construction manual.

The plans set and construction manuals

    The placed orders at the Mustang Aeronautics was so big, and with brazilian government restrictions in our wood crating (īcause of an insect inside them), things that sufficiently delayed the import process and crating, so our kit had arrived only 10 months later, in September of 2000.

Tail cone components

    The kit final cost , including air freight, dispatching freight taxes, custom taxes, etc., reached near to USS 20.000,00 value. The aerial freight was, without any kind of doubt,a little more expensive choice, but the port disembarrassment and terrestrial freight from the Rio de Janeiro sea port to Brasilia, would be a kind of headache in bureaucracy and final costs. I think that we made the right decision

Center Section kit



(untill 09/14/2002)


The costs here presented reflect the current status of Mustang II construction, but some itens still remains to be completed and/or to be acquired, like painting (+/- USS 2,000.00) and avionics (+/- USS 9000,00).


4 Kit

bulletPlans set / construction autorization               USS       360,00
bulletAirframe Kit + Full Quick Build option            USS  15.340,00
bulletAir freight (Deringer and Varig)                      USS    2.291,09
bulletVarig Taxes                                                       USS         20,00

                 USS 18011,09

4 Aduane Taxes and Local Taxes

bulletI.I. (TEC 3%)                                                        USS 532,00
bulletI.P.I. (0%)                                                             USS      0,00
bulletICMS                                                                    USS 970,00
bulletCustoms dispatcher                                           USS 200,00

               USS 1702,00

4 DAC (Brazilian FAA)

bulletCOTAC                                                                 USS 52,00
bulletRAB (registration marks)                                    USS 35,00

                                                                                         USS 87,00

4 Hartzell Prop


HC-C2YK C/S prop                                            USS 4.920,00


Varig Airfreight                                                    USS    399,00


I.P.I  (Import tax)                                                   USS    520,12


I.C.M.S (4%)                                                        USS     221,49


INFRAERO (airport storage)                             USS     233,24


Customs dispatcher                                           USS       56,00

                                                                                        USS 6.349,85

4 Parts, hardware, instruments, systems and workmanship

bulletOverhauled Lycoming engine and accessories        USS 10.000,00
bulletAircraft Spruce parts                                                  USS    2.185,00
bulletSkybolt (Camloc fasteners)                                       USS       304,90
bulletVanīs Aircraft                                                               USS       169,53
bulletParts, flight instruments, Tools                                  USS     2466,67
bulletlathe and welding work                                                USS      570,00
bulletWorkmanship                                                              USS 12.000,00

                         USS 27.696,10

                                                    TOTAL USS 53.845,95