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Pics 4
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Photo 52

    Photo 52 - On march 29th 2003, at 4:13 PM local time (7:13 PM GMT), the Lycoming IO-360 B1C runs for the first time, with its temporary exhaust pipes. There was no major problems with it, just some minor oil leaks, wich was solved later.

Photo 53

    Photo 53 - The engine had run for about one hour, so I had made a 20 minute taxi run. Both breaks and surface controls worked well.

Photo 54

    Photo 54 - A PVC mock-up for the exhaust system. It will be a 4 into 1, that according to CAFE Foundation, is the best optimized system for this kind of engine. It also will be a stainless steel unit, with 1 3/4" O.D. headers and a 15" long 2 1/2" O.D. tailpipe.



Photo 55

    Photo 55 - After a lot of welding work, here is the final exhaust system!