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AFA 2003


    My Mustang II was specially invited by the AFA (Brazilian Air Force Academy) for the "Air Sunday" fly in, on last october 19th, 2003. The Academy is located on Pirassununga, So Paulo state, and is 340 nm far from my base airport. This event holds aprox. 50,000 visitors in just a single day. I decided to fly the PP-XYS scorted by Eduardo Fabiano's Extra 230 (who was also invited), because I had so low airframe total time (just 12 hours!). Everything was ok in that 2:10 h flight. We leveled at FL 105, so its ground speed stabilized at 175 knots. Engine parameters: Fuel Flow 9 gph, oil temp. at 190F, CHT at 390F, Fuel pressure was 24 PSI and oil pressure worked at 78 PSI. Perfect!

The Academy entrance


    It was an spetacular fly in, with so many different aircrafts, like classics, homebuilts, sport pilot ultralights, aerobatic planes and the military ones. The military and civilian air shows were simply terrific!

    Take a look at the aircraft pics.



Demonstration and Aerobatics