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Pics 2
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Photo 19

Photo 19 - Wing aileron and trailing edge alignment. Some "C" clamps and an aluminum rule were used , in order to prevent a wavy finish.


Photo 20

Photo 20 - Completed wings! Look at the perfect adjustment between the aileron and the wing. Itīs difficult to see the piano hinge. It looks like an glider aileron! Perfect!


Photo 21

Photo 21 - Riveted empennage and tailcone.


Photo 22

Photo 22 - Windshield adjustment. Its height was determined with seats  in  tracks, in order to adjust the canopy height over my head.


Photo 23

Photo 23 - The leather Piper seats on tracks, with sewing desing Beech Bonanza style.


Photo 24

Photo 24 - Airplane on the gear, with adjusted engine mount and windshield


Photo 25

Photo 25 - Cockpit show. The rudder pedals, sticks and flap handle are installed. Note the beginning of canopy welding work  and its central track.


Photo 26

Photo 26 -  First  XYS "roll out".


Photo 27

Photo 27 - Conrado de Pinho,  "Kiko" nicknamed (he looks like Dustin Hoffman). Natural of Birigui, city that made greats A & P sheetmetal mechanics. He is the  main responsible for this excellent Mustang II quality.


Photo 28

Photo 28 - The canopy height was determined by my seated position height.


Photo 29

Photo 29 - Another angle of canopy construction.


Photo 30

Photo 30 - Powder coated panel, the fuel selector valve and the panel fabric cover in place.


Photo 31

Photo 31 - Rear view from the empennage. Note the Thorp T-18 canopy and the ventral one piece flap (it will not give me asymmetry, of course)


Photo 32

Photo 32 - Lycoming IO-360 Installation.


An illustrious visitor, the three time Formula One World Champion Nelson Piquet , an aviationīs fan, that gave me great moral support in this project.




 Nelson and my dad Eduardo